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Updates on scheduled commissions, projects in process, and recently completed work.


Shanidar (movie)

Specialty props commission. 'Shanidar' is produced by Remember Tommy Productions, directed by Austin Lewis and written by Chandler Hubbard. All current Covid-19 protocols are being observed. The script has been selected as a semi-finalist in the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, and the film will be completed safely in 2021.

Untitled Star Wars (short film)

A custom-made pair of lekku have been requested for an untitled Star Wars project, which should provide and excellent opportunity to hone molding/casting/painting skills, plus a chance to work on skinning flex foam.


Naughty/Nice Machine

Santa Claus has reached out and requested a little help with Christmas 2021. He could use assistance with a machine that can tell whether you've been naughty or nice, and we can't wait to test it on our friends!

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