I've always been fascinated with the construction of puppets because an excellent puppet is always far more complicated than it looks. I enjoy the creative challenge of designing and constructing all different types of puppets! 



Projects and larger puppets designed for performers to wear. These projects are often the nearest and dearest to my heart because no two are alike and the joy they bring to people is contagious! I love delivering these to clients.



Props are an incredible tool to underscore or illustrate a theme. The development of props was the foundation of my theater experience, and I continue to advocate for this rich artistic medium as so much more than what meets the eye.



I always love a challenge. My most memorable projects have varied in style and requirement, and have been exhilarating to bring to fruition.


Some videos/images contain graphic material (death, eye trauma, nudity, vomit)



Sometimes I like to slow my pace and sit down with an art project. Learning new 2D techniques refreshes how I look at the rest of my work.