Updates on scheduled commissions, projects in process and recently completed work. 

Shanidar (movie) - Specialty props

Currently creating specialty props for the movie 'Shanidar', produced by Remember Tommy Productions, directed by Austin Lewis and written by Chandler Hubbard. All current Covid-19 protocols are being observed, and the film will be completed safely in 2021.​

Untitled Star Wars (short film)

A custom-made set of lekku have been requested for an untitled Star Wars project, which should provide an excellent opportunity to hone molding/casting/painting skills, plus a chance to work on skinning flex foam.

Naughty/Nice Machine

Santa Claus has reached out and requested a little help with Christmas 2021. He could use assistance with a machine that can tell whether you've been naughty or nice, and we can't wait to test it on our friends!

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